Welcome to the Dreamscape Wiki!

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the Dreamscape! I'm sure you're wondering where that is exactly. Well, it's very simple. As you went to sleep for the night, your soul experienced the faltering of reality, and you have now been dropped into the Dreamscape, a wondrous world formed from the memories we never made! I shall warn you, there is no escape from this dimension. Do not panic, however! I will guide you through this dimension every step of the way!


"Living Room"

Dream 4 is an unending arrangement of interconnecting living rooms, similar to that of Dream 0. Pale wooden boards cover the floor, with egg-shell white plaster walls and a common white ceiling. The walls can occasionally have tearing of the plaster, revealing the impossibly tough white concrete beneath it, unusual for a typical house. There are no windows or doors situated in this dream...


"Missing Sky"

Dream 5 is an infinite flat plane of grass, dotted with shrubs and small trees, and situated beneath an empty sky, made up of nothing but the void of darkness. Despite the absence of any light sources, the endless field is illuminated...



Lemons are a food source found throughout numerous different dreams. It acts as the main source of nutrition and sanity to those in the Dreamscape. They appear identical to generic, "normal" lemons, but the taste is that of a sweet, strawberry-like one, contradicting the typical sour nature of normal lemons.


"Isolated House"

Dream 3 is an isolated residential home in the midst of an infinite field of straw. The sky is always clear and hosts a large rainbow which never disappears. The sun never mvoes, resulting in eternal daytime. The field of straw is upon mildly hilly terrain and stretches on into infinity...


I'm quite lost on how to use this website!

This website has been designed for easy access to any information you may need! Simply click on the "Library" tab and select where you need to go! Or use the "Contents" section, that works too. I would recommend looking into Dream 0 first, as most people end up there! If it doesn't match where you have ended up, I'm afraid you're going to have to do some deeper research!

If you're looking for more information, there are many other tabs in the Contents section. Just click on whatever you wish to look into!

My body has changed in ways beyond my understanding!

Ah, it would seem you are a lucky one! Or, not so lucky. It depends on how you view it. The Dreamscape tends to do that to certain newcomers! If a part of your body has been changed, replaced, or is entirely missing, do not worry! You will grow to learn and understand your new body!