Content Warning

This website contains dark themes, including mentions of death, suicide, derealization and insanity.


You have entered a place beyond dreams. A world beyond your understanding, a universe so convoluted and entangled upon itself, and a land where all human knowledge of the world that was once around you means nothing. You have fallen asleep and woken up to the faltering of reality, sending your soul beyond where it belongs, and corrupting your physical form. You have been deleted from reality, and nobody remembers who you were, not even you.

Welcome to the Dreamscape.


However, do not be afraid. This sombre description is not to make you fearful, but to help you understand. It is best that you face your reality now, and move on. You will not remember your past, and you will not escape. But, you are not alone! There are people all over this world that have been led to the same fate as you, and while some may not be so kind, others will welcome and guide you with open arms. Please, make yourself at home. It's your only choice.

Now! Let's get into the more fun details of this website, and how the wondrously convoluted world of the Dreamscape works! It itself is... hard to define. You simply cannot put the physical existence of the Dreamscape into words, although I suppose you could call this a "universe" of sorts. Either way, it is no matter. What matters is how this world works!

The Dreamscape is made up of a plethora of dreams, each of which are connected and entangled with each other in such an intriguingly convoluted way. Dreams are typically unique from every other dream, with their own appearances, qualities and dangers. The connections between each dream can vary drastically, from a simple walk from one to another, to a certain doorway leading to another dream, or perhaps the touch of an object will take you somewhere new. It all varies quite a bit!

You will find plenty of people who have ended up in the same position as you, people who woke up in the Dreamscape, some of whom don't exactly know where they are either. However, others may be more educated on their surroundings, and might be able to help you find your way. They may have led you to this website, or you may have discovered it yourself. After all, this is one of the only websites you should be able to access on your personal mobile device.

And finally, despite what anyone may tell you, make sure you don't venture too far from safety.



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Solis, Divine Guardian

Greetings. I am Solis, the divine guardian. I am here to protect the souls that live throughout the Dreamscape, to guard them as they build their community. However, I must not fret over every error in society. This body is limiting, and I cannot be around for everybody at once. However, I shall do my best as the divine guardian of this universe, lest this world fall to sin.

This character is typically found wearing a formal suit. His outfit consists of a white shirt covered by an amber blazer, alongside amber pants and shoes! He also wears a tie which, you guessed it, is also coloured amber. Dashing.


Luna, Universal Scribe

Hello! My name is Luna. I'm sort of the knowledge gal around here, but you probably already guessed that from the name. I know a LOT about the Dreamscape, and I have spent a lot of time collecting all this information in order to make it accesible to you through this website! You can meet me in the library too, if you want!

This character is commonly seen waering the attire of a vintage librarian, with a white buttoned shirt covered by a dark violet waistcoat and dress, both with faint white stripes. Alongside this, she wears knee-high white stockings, violet shoes, and a violet bowtie to finish it all off!


Cruor, Profane Warrior

My name is Cruor. I spend my days roaming the profane dreams of this world. I do this so I may supply both knowledge of treacherous dreams, and protection to those who venture into danger unknowingly, so that they may not fall victim to the cruelty this world can be. However, if one may venture willingly, then I can only offer my hope that you may not only survive, but thrive against the Dreamscape.

This character wears the clothing of a regal warrior, with crimson armor all over. It is light but strong, with armor over the neck, shoulders, waist and legs, trimmed with ruby. He wears maroon pants alongside crimson boots that reach up to his knees, but wears no shirt, instead, ruby symbols are engraved in his torso, and the front of a large, crimson cape wraps around his neck and covers his chest.