You are currently accessing information that has been restricted from the public. If you are reading this, you have most likely found yourself in an unknown location and are looking for help. Leaking any information to the public will have consequences.

Welcome to the Dreamscape Wiki!

"When one falls asleep, it is common for their soul to be taken to a dreaming state. They are still sleeping, but their mind forms a new world out of their past memories, just for them, and it inevitably ends when they wake from their slumber.

For the occasional, unfortunate souls, however, reality falters. It tries to form their dream, but it cannot. So they are dropped into the Dreamscape, a world formed from the memories we never made."

This wiki has been designed for those who have accidentally found themselves eternally trapped in the Dreamscape. Fair warning, there is no escape from this dimension you have found yourself in. However, do not panic! This wiki has been designed so you can stay safe in the Dreamscape.


"Living Room"

Dream 4 is an unending arrangement of interconnecting living rooms, similar to that of Dream 0. Pale wooden boards cover the floor, with egg-shell white plaster walls and a common white ceiling. The walls can occasionally have tearing of the plaster, revealing the impossibly tough white concrete beneath it, unusual for a typical house. There are no windows or doors situated in this dream...


"Missing Sky"

Dream 5 is an infinite flat plane of grass, dotted with shrubs and small trees, and situated beneath an empty sky, made up of nothing but the void of darkness. Despite the absence of any light sources, the endless field is illuminated...



Lemons are a food source found throughout numerous different dreams. It acts as the main source of nutrition and sanity to those in the Dreamscape. They appear identical to generic, "normal" lemons, but the taste is that of a sweet, strawberry-like one, contradicting the typical sour nature of normal lemons.


"Isolated House"

Dream 3 is an isolated residential home in the midst of an infinite field of straw. The sky is always clear and hosts a large rainbow which never disappears. The sun never mvoes, resulting in eternal daytime. The field of straw is upon mildly hilly terrain and stretches on into infinity...


There are two dimensions. There is Reality, the dimension which humanity understands most. It is stable, safe and secure. On the other hand, there is the Dreamscape. The direct opposite of what we consider the normal world. No universal laws can be applied. We can only assume that this universe is the bin of Reality, the unstable pushed aside into a corner.

All information gathered relating to the Dreamscape is stored here, in the Dreamscape Wiki, for the safety and health of those who find their way into this dimension. The Dreamscape is made up of dreams; separate micro-universes with unique properties. Every dream interconnects with each other in different ways. For example, one door in one dream may lead to another dream, or travelling far enough in one dream will eventually take you to another. The purpose for each dream's existence is unknown, but many have mentioned how certain dreams have unlocked memories that they never made. In other words, nostalgia.