Stability Level

[ A ]

- Environment is safe.
- Passive or nil creatures.
- Dream is secured.

[Source 1] Earliest photograph
of Dream 0 taken.

Dream 0 is the 1st dream of the Dreamscape.


Dream 0 is the first dream you will encounter when entering the Dreamscape. It resembles a house, with dull-beige, soft carpet covering the flooring and plaster walls with a fresh, smooth coat of white paint, filling the building with the aroma of a new home. Above, is a plain, white roof, dotted with standard arbitrary lights, silently brightening up the area. An infinite number of rooms make up this house, each unique in design. Every room is connected and separated via plain, white, wooden louver doors with dull-yellow door knobs that lost their shine. Rarely, a set of stairs covered with the same carpet on the flooring may be in a room, accompanied by a handrail (on one or both sides) that leads all the way up, held up by orange wooden fencing. A brown, semicircular carpet lays at the base of each set of stairs found in Dream 0. Going up these stairs will lead you to Dream 1.

Dream 0 is empty, devoid of any sound except your own. Do not attempt to find any fellow humans, for there are none. This contradicts with the fact that this is the first dream anyone would encounter when entering the Dreamscape. There are no traces of humanity in Dream 0. It is presumed that many people have died within this dream, typically due to starvation, dehydration and insanity due to the silent, solitrary nature of this environment. You will never sense another human. If you spot something that is moving, it is not a human. You are most likely hallucinating.

The geometry and linear space of Dream 0 is impossible in the Reality. There is no possible way to map this dream, nor is there any way to know where you are travelling. Retracing your steps may lead you into an entirely different area. Any form of technology or consistent navigation, such as GPS or compasses, do not function as intended.


There are no known creatures in this dream.


There are no known objects of interest in this dream.


Rarely, you will find yourself walking into the Laundryrooms.


There are no known groups or settlements in this dream.

Entrances & Exits

Considering Dream 0 is the first dream you can encounter in the Dreamscape, you are most likely to end up here by pure chance when you fall asleep in the Reality.

You can get out of Dream 0 by locating one of the carpet stairs, as mentioned previously. This will lead you straight into Dream 1.


LG-1 | ??? | [06/08/2021]

Navigational Tools Function | False
Cardinal Directions ------- | False
Internet Access ----------- | False
Euclidean Space ----------- | False
Isolation From Humans ----- | True