Stability Level

Environmental: [ A ]
Creatural:     [ A ]
Security:      [ S ]

[Source 1] Earliest photograph known of Dream 1.

Dream 1 is the 2nd dream of the Dreamscape.


Dream 1 is the second dream you will find yourself in after making your way out of Dream 0. It consists of an infinite arrangement of kitchens that show resemblance to that of the 80s-90s. Each of the rooms are connected by various means, whether it be generic archways, unpainted wooden doors or the occasional slidable glass window. Wooden cupboards are found beneath the granite countertops. Most rooms will typically have...

- A metal sink with a tap that offers an infinite supply* of distilled water.
- An old fridge** which gives off a quiet, buzzing sound.
- An old, white oven that functions as intended.
- Occasionally, a microwave or toaster.

More wooden cupboards of an almost tan colour attached to the white plaster walls, above the countertops. These walls give off the smell of a freshly-painted new home, similar to that of Dream 0. A roof of the same material as the walls hosts a cheap, old chandelier in most rooms, and a standard arbitrary lightbulb in others.

Occasionally, a room may host a large, floating "lens flare" within the center, a glowing orb of light that does not do any harm to those who are near. People have reported feeling a sense of warmth and protection the closer they got to the flare, like everything was going to be okay now and into the future. Some people have even reported still feeling this happiness hours later. The flare also appears to heal any minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, however it will not remove anything that is permanent, such as scars and missing teeth. It also cannot heal severe injuries such as broken bones or disabilities.

It is common to find numerous miscellaneous objects within the cupboards that relate to a kitchen. Saucepans, pots, bowls, plates, etcetera. These items show no anomalous properties and have no branding. However, there are no instances of any edible resources, with the exception of lemons.

Linear space functions in a similar fashion to the preceding dream, totally defying what is considered possible in the Reality. You cannot map this dream, retracing your steps is almost impossible and any navigational technology does not function as intended. You still cannot find any other humans in this dream, just like the previous one, so you are still alone.


There are no known creatures in this dream.


There is a chance that you will find one or more lemons within cupboards or a fridge in any given room. Also, distilled water is found in abundance from any taps.


There are no known areas of interest in this dream.


There are no known groups or settlements in this dream.

Entrances & Exits

You can enter Dream 1 from any given staircase in Dream 0. Despite entering this dream from a staircase, no one has ever found a staircase when already in Dream 1.

There is a slim chance that any given door will send you to Dream 2, so if you are looking for an exit, keep on opening doors until you are lucky.


FL-2 | I feel safe. | [26/09/2021]

Navigational Tools Function | False
Internet Access ----------- | True*
Euclidean Space ----------- | False
Isolation From Humans ----- | True

*Internet connection is unstable.