Stability Level

[ B.3 ]

- Environment is unsafe.
- Minor creature hazard.
- Dream is secured.

[Source 1] Photograph of the single infinite
aisle in Dream 2.

Dream 2 is the 3rd dream of the Dreamscape.


Dream 2 is a single, infinite, generic supermarket aisle with a width of approximately 1 to 1.5 metres. On either side of the aisle are standard, metal shelvings with a yellowish tint to them, stacked with numerous miscellaneous items that have been grouped into certain parts of the shelves like a normal supermarket would do. There are no price tags nor signs. The ground is of a brown, rough carpet and there are no walls nor a roof, yet there is still light from above. There is a fog of pure darkness that surrounds those who are in the dream, that limits their vision beyond 3 to 5 metres.

Avoid consuming any edible items on the shelvings, with the exception of lemons and containers of distilled water. If you do not know whether an item is either of those, do not consume it. Those who have consumed these items have reportedly suffered from a swollen throat and, in some cases, died.

Behind the two infinite metal shelvings is an infinite, empty plain of darkness on either side. Those who have walked further into the darkness ina straight line have found themselves walking back to the location they came from, making any "escape" impossible through these means.

Liminal space has begun to piece itself together in this dream, albeit with a few inconsistencies. Also, just like the previous two dreams, it is impossible to find any other humans in this dream.


There is a chance of encountering the occasional shadow. Most shadows are passive and will attempt to either show friendliness to others in Dream 2 or not interact at all. However, some shadows show hostility towards those in this dream. If you encounter a hostile shadow, just keep your distance until they leave. It is common for these shadows to speak of "other humans", despite never being able to encounter any other human life.


It is common to find lemons and distilled water in numerous different containers, amongst the other items on the metal shelvings. Distilled water in specific is only safe to drink from plastic and reusable bottles. Any other containers usually have distilled water mixed with poisonous chemicals.


There are no known areas of interest in this dream.


There are no known groups or settlements in this dream.

Entrances & Exits

There is a slim chance that any given door in Dream 1 will send you to this dream. What happens to the door when you enter is [REDACTED].

It is possible to make it out of this dream by simply wandering down the aisle until you find yourself in Dream 3.


LG-3 | walking aimlessly for ten hours | [05/10/2021]

Navigational Tools Function | False
Cardinal Directions ------- | False
Internet Access ----------- | False
Euclidean Space ----------- | True*
Isolation From Humans ----- | True

*With a few inconsistencies.