Stability Level

[ B.2 ]

- Environment is safe.
- Minor creature hazard.
- Dream is secured.

[Source 1] Photograph of the
house and the surrounding

[Source 2] Photograph of the
house interior.

Dream 3 is the 4th dream of the Dreamscape.


Dream 3 is an isolated residential home in the midst of an infinite field of straw. The sky is always clear and hosts a large rainbow which never disappears. The sun never moves, resulting in eternal daytime. The field of straw is upon mildly hilly terrain and stretches on into infinity. Travelling far enough from the house (approximately 750 to 800 kilometres) will eventually lead you to [MISSING DATA].

The House

The exterior of the house is almost entirely concrete - specifically the dull-white walls and the gray roof. There are windows on the first and second floors* of the house, however, you will only see darkness beyond said windows. White gutters are traced along the roofline of the house. A grass yard sits at the front** of the house, surrounded by metal poles evenly-spaced apart. A single dead tree of gray bark sits in the far corner of the yard, presumably due to the consistent clear skies and infinite daytime. Two glass doors at the front of the house lead inside.

The Interior

The interior of the house is an incredibly large*** arrangement of empty rooms. Each room has polished, wooden planks for the floors and pale-pink plaster for the walls and roof. Wooden baseboards painted white accommodate every wall. Walls may occasionally be damaged, with ripped or stained plaster. Each room is connected to other rooms by plain, white doors. Oftentimes, you may be met with hallways. Rooms are lit up with standard light bulbs, covered with translucent glass domes. However, the occasional room(s) may host no functioning lights, resulting in the Malfunctioned Lights areas.


While you will not find any creatures outside the house, the interior is home to numerous shadows and eyes. Shadows will often not do any harm to you, and instead will stay back from you as much as possible. If you see an eye, however, do not approach it whatsoever. Eyes are most common in the Malfunctioned Lights areas, but occasionally can be found elsewhere within the house.


There are no known objects of interest in this dream.


There are no known areas of interest in this dream.


There are no known groups or settlements in this dream.

Entrances & Exits

You can enter this dream by walking far enough down the supermarket aisle in Dream 2.

Similar to Dream 1, there is a small chance that any random door you open in the house will lead you straight into Dream 4. Outside, however, you can travel far enough from the house (750 to 800 kilometres) to find yourself in [MISSING DATA].


LG-4 | Unnamed_7.mp4 | [09/10/2021]

Navigational Tools Function | True*
Cardinal Directions ------- | False
Internet Access ----------- | False
Euclidean Space ----------- | True*
Isolation From Humans ----- | True

*Only outside the house.