OBJECT 1 - "Lemons"

[Source 1] First known image
of OB-1.


Object 1 is a food source found throughout numerous different dreams. It acts as the main source of nutrition and sanity to those in the Dreamscape. Each and every instance of Object 1 appears identical to generic lemons. However, the taste is that of a sweet, strawberry-like one, contradicting the typical sour nature of a lemon.


The nutritional value of any instances of Object 1 are high - just one "lemon" will give you the nutrients equivalent to that of a one-course meal. Not only this, but those who are in the process of going insane have reportedly started to feel better after consuming one or more lemons. However, if someone is already in the "final stage" of insanity, they are beyond repair and consumption of Object 1 does nothing.

The juice of each lemon offers little hydration. However, rubbing the juice on any minor injuries heals it in approximately 5 to 30 seconds. Major injuries, such as broken bones, are not healed immediately by lemon juice. Instead, the healing process is simply sped up. Note that minor stinging may be felt when applying any lemon juice on skin.


With the research gathered, you can only obtain instances of Object 1 from Dream 1 and Dream 2. However, it is likely that these lemons can be located in other dreams.