OBJECT 2 - "Distilled Water"

[Source 1] First known image
of OB-2.


Object 2 is the main source of hydration in the Dreamscape. It appears identical to distilled water, being absolutely clear when isolated. It also holds a faint, distinct taste of stainless steel. This "distiled water" can be found in numerous circumstances - in plastic bottles, buckets, or even an entire lake full of Object 2. It usually comes down to which dream you find it in.


Object 2 gives the hydration equivalent to that of normal drinking water, making it the main (and only) source of hydration in the Dreamscape. If any of this water is heated to boiling point (100 degrees Celsius), do not, under any circumstances, consume said water. Beyond what has been recorded here, there are no other known anomalous properties in Object 2.


The only known locations of Object 2 are within Dream 1 (from the taps) and Dream 2 (on the shelving in numerous different containers).