Dreams are the many worlds of which you can explore throughout the Dreamscape! Each one is unique from the other, and they're all connected in various ways, such as through doors, over walls, or even by the touch of an object! Every dream has different sizes, some small and some infinite! They also have varying populations of people who have faced the same fate as you, so don't go thinking you're alone in all this!

Dreams are typically grouped into what we like to call "universes", usually because they share some sort of characteristic, or just to make organization easier! After all, I might as well make this knowledge easier to retain for myself and others.

I would like to emphasize that there are dangerous dreams here. Despite how innocent a dream may look, you should always be asking around and checking this wiki, in order to make sure you are safe in your environment. Otherwise, things may go very, very bad for you.


At the top of every page, there's an "information" section, which outlines all the general information you need to know about a given dream! It shows the safety, population and size of whatever dream the page represents! Below is a helpful diagram of how this works.

A - Safe. There's no way you're getting hurt here, unless you tripped over, or something.

B - Mildly unsafe. This dream can hurt you, but you'd have to actively try!

Γ - Unsafe. Watch your step! This dream could cause some trouble if you're not careful.

Z - Severely unsafe. Maybe it's best not to come here, unless you're prepared.

Σ - Lethal. Do not come here.

Ω - Unpredictable. The danger level of this dream fluctuates, but it's probably best to keep away anyways.

? - Unknown.
High - Very populated. You're likely to see poeple all around, at least one every few rooms!

Medium - Moderately populated. You might meet someone every now and then.

Low - Sparsely populated. You won't find many people around here, sometimes for miles.

None - This place is empty for a reason. You'd be lucky to see just one person.
Small - The size of a room or building.

Medium - The size of a town or city.

Large - The size of a country or continent!

Massive - The size of a whole planet, or more!

Infinite - There is no border to this dream.
Universe Primus

This universe is the most populated universe, where newcomers always end up. No matter who you are, you have very well woken up in one of these 11 dreams!

Dream 1.1 - "Home Sweet Home"
Dream 1.2 - "Reassurance"
Dream 1.3 - "Supermarket Aisle"
Dream 1.4 - "Rolling Hills"
Dream 1.5 - "Enclosed"
Dream 1.6 - "The Fields"
Dream 1.7 - "Trapped"
Dream 1.8 - "Scattered Furniture"
Dream 1.9 - "Missing Sky"
Dream 1.10 - "Paranoia"
Dream 1.11 - "Worthless"
Beyond the Universes

These dreams lie on the outskirts of every universe. They act as bridges, ways to get across one universe to the other, although you may not always need to travel through one of these dreams.

Dream 0.1 - "Let The Ocean Take Me"
Dream 0.2 - "Stairwell Down To The Skies"